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Tony Sweet passed away in Papworth Hospital on 18th April 2012 after a progressive respiratory illness. His funeral and thanksgiving service took place at the Cambridge Crematorium on 27th April.

Tony had a life-long passion for photography. Though taking photographs and producing prints whether in the darkroom or via computer was quite central to his interest, his efforts went far beyond just image-making. His training as an engineer meant that he was meticulous – planning and attention to detail went hand-in-hand for Tony. As a result, he was quickly pressed into service on various committees and interest groups.

He first joined a camera club in 1955 when he enrolled as a member of Edmonton Camera Club. He quickly took on various roles and helped to organize the North London Salon of Pictorial Photography. His contribution over a number of years was recognized by being elected as an Honorary Vice President for the club.

Later, Tony joined Saffron Walden Camera Club whereupon he became an officer of the club and served in various roles including Treasurer, Chairman and Programme Secretary. He also organized the club’s Annual Exhibition and remained a key member of their committee for over 30 years. Tony was never shy about taking on extra commitments even though those around him sometimes wondered whether he had taken on a little too much at times. In fact, Tony was a consummate team player and believed in active participation.

On joining Cambridge Camera Club, Tony was once again holding office whereby he was able to shape and influence the club’s activities. He held several positions including two terms as President and, like at his other clubs, he became a long-standing committee member. In fact, such was the versatility and enthusiasm of Tony that it would be easier to list what he wasn’t involved in. He could turn his hand to almost anything.

Tony was also regarded as a technical expert. In the early days, this expertise would cover almost every aspect of photography from picture taking through to advanced darkroom work. At Cambridge Tony ran the Darkroom Techniques Group and this evolved into the Digital Techniques Group, again led by Tony.

As Tony was involved in so many things, it is only too easy to miss out a key contribution. As well as high profile roles in the clubs to which he belonged, Tony was also a behind-the-scenes expert for many other organizations including the London Salon and the EAF. Whether it was helping to organize exhibitions, run events, audit the accounts or run a web site, Tony was there. It’s difficult to believe that as well as his wife, Jennifer, and his dogs, he had other interests that included keep fit, diving and motorcycling.

His contribution to amateur photography has been significant. In 2010 he was awarded the distinction of the APAGB Award for Meritorious Service to add to his recognition as an Honorary Friend of the London Salon for services rendered. Tony was a great giver of time, energy and enthusiasm. We have much to thank him for. A great many of us have benefitted. A great many of us will miss him.


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