Thursday, 18 January 2018

 2016 PDI Club Championship Report

On Sunday 7th February 31 clubs took part in the PDI Club Championship at Fulbourn near Cambridge.  Each club showed 15 images in Round One, fighting for a place in Round Two.  The top scoring 13 clubs progressed to Round Two showing us a further 10 images.  All 25 images count towards the final positions and the final results were:

Winning club gaining the EAF Trophy – Cambridge Camera Club

Runner up club gaining the Eric Saul Memorial Trophy – Beyond Group
Third placed club certificate – Colchester Photographic Society
Well done to Colchester PS - this is the first time their club will represent the EAF at the PAGB PDI Club Championship.
Beyond Group and Norfolk Photography Group are automatically through to this year’s PAGB Club Championship by being in the PAGB Final last year.  They will be joined by Cambridge CC and Colchester PS.  
The PAGB Federation Inter -Club Championship will be held at Warwick University on 16th July this year.  It is a good event, especially with four EAF clubs taking part – why not plan a trip there that day.  Tickets are needed in advance from the PAGB website.
My thanks to everyone who helped to make the day possible – the clubs, the executive, their spouses and friends and of course, the three judges.  My special thanks go to Ian Wilson and Chris Fell both of Cambridge CC who helped me out when the programme we use to run the event let us down.  The projection was fine but scores were not reliably stored so the sort for 13s, 14s and 15s had to be done manually.  That meant Ian and Chris missed seeing Round Two completely but were elated to hear their own club had won.
Best PDI: ‘Happy Dog’ by Linda Lamb of Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club
Don Byatt’s award: ‘Training session’ by Steve Vause of Ware & District Photographic Society
David Gibbins’ award: ‘Volcano hummingbird in the wild’ by Alison Johnson of Chelmsford Camera Club
Rosemary Wilman’s award: ‘Moonrise over Flaksted’ by Ann Miles of Cambridge Camera Club

Marilyn Steward
(Now Ex-)EAF Championship Secretary
8th Feb 2016

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