Friday, 23 February 2018

Speaker Booking Procedure

The speakers/lecturers listed in the PAGB Handbook and supplemented by updates from EAF Handbook Secretary are willing to visit affiliated clubs (of any Federation), subject to any restrictions quoted adjacent to their entry and the following conditions. There is no obligation for a speaker to accept an engagement but, once it has been accepted, it is hoped that only serious difficulty will necessitate a change or cancellation by either party. Changes must, of course, be notified as soon as possible.
Booking The PAGB Request and Reply Forms are highly recommended (see Downloadable Documents) though these, of course, may be copied and customised by each club as appropriate. The initial approach may be written, using these forms, or by telephone where a number is shown, or by e-mail where an e-mail address is shown. Whichever means of initial contact is used, the booking should be confirmed in writing within three weeks and the Reply Form should be used to confirm expenses and agreed arrangements.
Reminder A reminder should be sent to the judge not less than two weeks prior to the visit and should include clear directions to the venue with information about one-way streets, public transport, parking, and other potential problems.
Programme The club programme/syllabus should acknowledge that the speaker is PAGB or Federation listed and should include relevant qualifications and honours. Where appropriate, the name of the sponsoring company must be listed and the club must comply with any specific conditions of that sponsored lecture. It is courteous to send a copy of your programme/syllabus to the speaker in advance of the engagement.
Arrival A thoughtful club will reserve a parking space and someone should meet the speaker on arrival to carry any photographs, materials and/or equipment.
Hospitality The speaker is your guest and should be accorded good hospitality, including a meal beforehand and overnight accommodation where the judge has travelled some distance to be at your event. This, of course, should all be agreed at the booking stage. A drink before starting can be welcome and the event should commence at the agreed time. The club must ascertain and supply any equipment required. Someone should be designated to look after the speaker throughout his/her visit to ensure that all the arrangements are staisfactory.
Expenses Speakers are permitted certain expenses - see Speaker Expenses. These should be agreed in advance using the Reply Form and should be paid on the night without prompting. Cash is often preferred and should always be offered.
Thank You It is assumed that the club will always give its members the opportunity to express their gratitude - usually with a formal Vote of Thanks. It is also courteous to write to the speaker within two weeks saying thank you and perhaps including favourable comments from members and any local press clippings mentioning the visit.

Speakers, clubs and societies are encouraged to report to their Federation any apparent disregard of these conditions.


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