PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit - April 2024

The adjudication took place over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th/28th April 2024 at St Mary’s College, Basingstoke, hosted by the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. It was a well-run weekend, although the hall was a little on the cool side, but there was plenty of space.

There were 126 applications nationwide with 25 applicants from our Federation, many of whom attended, and those who were successful were able to collect their respective badges from the President Elect, David Gibbins, ARPS, EFIAP/b, BPE 5*, APAGB, who was deputising for PAGB President, Daphne Hanson.

Of our 25 applicants, 17 have been successful over four levels. Unfortunately, the certificates will not be available until late May, and by then most clubs will have closed for the summer recess so most of the certificates will have to be mailed.

We can now offer our congratulations to the following successful members.

Credit Prints: Lachlan French CPAGB from Saffron Waldon CC, Jan Bond CPAGB from Halstead & DPS, Helen Mackay LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP from St Neots & DCC, and Hilary Knight CPAGB from Colchester PS.

Credit PDIs: Mark Glenister CPAGB, BPE3* from Biggleswade & DCC, Keith Gypps ARPS, CPAGB from Cambridge CC, Stephen Laws LRPS, CPAGB, from St. Ives PC, Jennifer McDonald CPAGB, from Chelmsford CC, Charles Phillips CPAGB from Bury St. Edmunds PS, and Derek Nimmo CPAGB, BPE 1* from PICO.

Distinction Prints: David Morement DPAGB, BPE 1* from Hoddesdon CC, Peter Baker DPAGB, LRPS from Royston PS and Carol Martin DPAGB, LRPS from Bury St. Edmunds PS.

Distinction PDIs: Chris Pugh DPAGB, BPE 1* from Colchester PS, and Ian McDonald DPAGB from Chelmsford CC.

Excellence Prints: Bob Coote EPAGB from Royston PS and Derek Howes EPAGB from Colchester PS.
Bob and Derek are our first two members in the Federation to achieve the new EPAGB (Excellence) award. Todate we have had no applications for the new B (Badge) awards. Also, at this adjudication we had no Masters applications.

Images: (Left/Top) Credit Prints - Hilary Knight (Colchester PS), Jan Bond (Halstead & DPS) and Lachlan French (Saffron Walden CC). (Right/Bottom) Credit PDI's - Jennifer McDonald (Chelmsford CC), Keith Gypps (Cambridge CC) and Derek Nimmo (PICO).

Images: (Left/Top) Distinction Prints - Peter Baker (Royston PS), Carol Martin (Bury St Edmunds PS) and David Morement (Hoddeson CC). (Right/Bottom) Distinction PDI's - Ian McDonald (Chelmsford CC) on the left.

Image: Excellence Prints- Derek Howes (Colchester PS) on the right

Pictures were kindly supplied by Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV

Vic Hainsworth, ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB.
Federation Awards Secretary.