East Anglian Federation

Recorded Lectures

EAF Portfolio

The EAF organises an Annual Exhibition every year and all club members within the Federation are entitled to enter work via their club. A DVD, which is known as the EAF Portfolio will be available as a downloadable file set (in PC Format only), showing copies of all the monochrome prints, colour prints and PDI's that were then selected to form the EAF Exhibition each year. It also contains a summary of those entries that were then selected to represent the EAF in the PAGB Inter-Federation Print Competition and Exhibition.

The EAF Portfolio provides an economical, easy-to-organise evening to include in your club’s programme if your club is a Federation Member at a cost of just £10.00. More importantly it will give your members the chance to see the style and standard of work which is currently being accepted in the EAF Exhibition and which has a chance of being selected at national level. At a time when we are seeing so many new and enthusiastic members joining our clubs it is important to help them to see ways in which they might develop their work further. Once you have the download, you may keep it and use it as many times as you like, although the copyright of the images remains the property of the original author. It can be obtained on application to the Portfolio Officer: email: portfoliosec@eaf.org.uk. An order form for the purchase of the 2023 EAF Portfolio is available HERE.

PAGB Print and Projected Image Exhibition

There is also a DVD produced each year of the PAGB Print and PDI Exhibition. It is possible to Hire a copy of this - Charge £10.    Apply to the Portfolio Secretary -  email: portfoliosec@eaf.org.uk   If you have a late cancellation of a Speaker or Judge and you need something to fill that evening - this is an ideal option. Only available if your club is an EAF member.

Other Recorded Lectures

A number of other recorded lectures are available via the PAGB and these are listed in the PAGB Handbook.